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Stanmore Law Practice Equity Release Specialists

Free up your Finances

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Keep your Retirement Dreams Alive!

If you’re considering equity release on your home, you’ll need a solicitor.

Stanmore Law Practice has specialist lawyers with the experience to work with even the most complex equity release cases. For more information contact SLP today.

What is Equity Release

Equity Release is an increasingly used option for those aged 55 years and over in order to provide a lump sum payment or income stream for a more comfortable retirement. It can be a good way to secure access to funds in later life, but as with all financial borrowing products there are pros and cons to equity release, whether it be a Lifetime Mortgage or a Home Reversion Plan.

We recommend taking advice from an independent financial adviser who specialises in giving advice to later life clients before deciding whether equity release is right for you.

Our solicitors have plenty of experience in providing clients with the necessary legal work involved in equity release schemes and will be delighted to discuss your requirements in this area with you.

Who can get it?

An equity release product could be the right choice for you if you:

  • Are at least 55 years old

  • Want to borrow at least £10,000

  • Own or want to purchase a home worth at least £70,000

  • Are able to clear any existing mortgage on your property, either using the equity released or additional funds

If you want to have an informal discussion about equity release, call us on +44 (0)20 8420 7950 and speak to one of our solicitors or Email

Secure funds via your home

Why Stanmore Law Practice

Stanmore Law Practice has many years of experience providing expert, friendly legal advice in all aspects of residential conveyancing including equity release, private client work, commercial property and lending. We have specialists who are able to provide expert independent legal advice to homeowners regarding equity release, and we also have specialists able to act for equity release providers. For homeowners contemplating equity release, we are also able to provide more comprehensive advice regarding your estate should you wish.Could Equity Release Be The Right Option For You?

Releasing the equity built up in your property is a popular and increasingly important part of retirement planning. Many homeowners choose to live a more comfortable retirement and taking the money from within their property opens up new and exciting possibilities, whilst still allowing them to live in the home they love.

As equity release concerns your most important asset – your property, it is vital that you seek expert advice. SLP will provide assistance through all stages of the equity release, advising you as to the technicalities of the scheme and ensuring you understand the implications this will have during its operation.

SLP is a provider of legal services to the equity release market, dedicated to delivering fast, reliable and competitive completion of each equity release case. We are proud to be a member of the Equity Release Council advising Borrowers, meaning you can have complete confidence in our advice.

Offering an immediate response to new instructions with swift turnaround times, our professional, flexible and client-centred services are designed to meet the needs of all our clients.

For more information or call us on +44 (0)20 8420 7950 and speak to one of our advisors or Email

SLP Experts in Equity Release
reeasons to consider equity release

Common reasons to consider equity release

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to secure an equity release plan that’s right for their individual circumstances based on advise provided by their financial advisor. There’s a wide array of different reasons and motivations to release equity from your property, including:

  • Paying off an existing mortgage

  • Paying off unsecured debts

  • Investing in home improvements and repairs

  • Securing funds for travelling

  • Supporting family and children

  • Supplementing retirement income

It’s also true that many household budgets have been hit hard in recent years, with families finding it more and more difficult to rely solely on savings and pensions. As such, releasing equity often proves a crucial solution for those looking to enjoy financial freedom in their later years.

Whatever the reason, our equity release solicitors will talk you through the next steps of the legal process.

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